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Massive flood that hit Peninsular Malaysia especially in the east coast has left a trail of destruction to the affected area.

8,676 volunteers from public universities had been gathered to help in the voluntary mission coordinated by Disaster Operation Control Room (BKOB) UMP. UMP, through Disaster Action Committee has launched several programs in its efforts to help flood victims especially in Pahang and east coast, such as “1 Staff 1 Pillow” Program run by UMP Women Association (Matahari), “1 Makmum 1 Sejadah” Program and Container House Waqaf Fund, a joint venture program between UMP and UMP Innovest Sdn. Bhd. a subsidiary of UMP Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

A total of RM58,185.35 of cash, 100 ton of food and RM10,000 from UMP has been donated to those affected by the disaster.

2014 Smart partnership among university in World University Forum in Giorgio, Savannah attended by UMP VC has led to the idea and establishment of endowment, which will serve as a channel to receive university’s endowment contributions to facilitate and help the needy.

11 March 2015 Establishment of Endowment Ad-hoc Committee to come out with MyGift initiatives and rebranding.

10 May 2015 Benchmarking visit to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

8 June 2015 Benchmarking visit to University of Malaya (UM) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

22 June 2015  Launching of MyGift Portal.

14 - 16 August 2015 MyGift Workshop on ‘Policy, Promotion, Strategy’ at Royale Chulan Hotel attended by deans, directors and top management of the university.

29 September 2015 Handover of MyGift Initiatives to Corporate & Quality Affairs Department (JHKK), UMP.

17 October 2015 Pre-launch of MyGift by UMP board of directors, Yang Hormat Dato’ Haji Ahmad Azmey Haji Abu Talib in conjunction with UMP 2015 Expoconvo.

10 May 2016   Appointment of MyGift Board of Trustee.

17 May 2016 MyGift donated RM91,000.000 to UMP staffs and students for Iftar and pre-dawn meal (sahur).

1 June 2016 1st MyGift Board of Trustee Meeting at Premiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

20 July 2016 Autonomy Appreciation and MyGift Event at Ancasa Royale, Pekan, Pahang. RM1,807,727.09 donated by departments in UMP to Student Scholarship Fund.

25 August 2016 UMP-Industry Reception at Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, attended by 50 industry player.

28 August 2016 Endowing of Education Incentive Scheme worth RM1000 to student with financial problem in conjunction with new student intake 2016/2017.

3 September 2016 MyGift UMP Charity Golf Tournament 2016 at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club, Selangor officiated by Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah.

17 September 2016 MyGift UMP Charity Golf Tournament 2016 at Mahkota Golf & Country Club, Kuantan officiated by Crown Prince of Pahang.

1 October 2016 MyGift Launching inaugurated by Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and endowing scholarship to 10 UMP students.

Last Updated 15 September 2016