MyGift - An Everlasting Gift

About MyGift

MyGift UMP

MyGift UMP is an effort to raise funds for education sponsorship and enhancing the current quality of education in UMP. It will pave the way for a brighter future for undergraduates.

With MyGift UMP, it can give positive input for the future of UMP, in providing the necessary infrastructure facilities to undergraduates.

UMP welcomes contributions by all parties including UMP staff, undergraduates, alumni, individuals and corporate bodies, whether locally or abroad. It is in support of the culture of giving that will further contribute to knowledge enrichment in the university.

Among the objectives of UMP endowments are:

- funding of scholarship for undergraduates and for outstanding prize
- funding of university programmes
- funding of repair works and improving infrastructures in the university
- funding of Professor's Chair, and
- funding of high-impact programmes to cultivate the culture for knowledge in UMP